Insult your boss without getting fired ?

Many wonderful examples of workplace insults are found. Our online research shows that many of employees are looking for unique and safe ideas ; ) for insulting to his / her boss.

We found many questions ‘how to insult boss’ on online forum such as yahoo answers, and other online discussion forum. even many of people suggesting ideas ‘insult your boss day’. Angry employees or not-satisfied employee creating a topic  and poll like….

example (
National Insult your boss day? Did you know that today is National Insult your boss day? Yep, that’s right. go ahead and insult your boss today.

and interesting part is it’s replies.  (read the answers below)..

hahahaha. OK, sounds like fun!!!

Poll: No I had no idea. Thanks for the heads up. See you in the unemployment line. ~ hit~M~up

No, and your fired!!! ~ Dust in the Wind

I think most ppl want to keep there job but how about i insult my husband instead . ~ Mommy Of 5 ~

i thought it was every 3:00 pm in the afternoon? ~ Conserve !BASH!,drink Wine


Readers!, please be aware if you are one of them who is searching for crazy ideas.
An insult from boss may not be personal but performance related and may not be direct but sometimes below the belt. The intention is to call your attention, stir emotion and get the message across.

Never insult the boss or management or retaliate on your way out. That is the surest way to never be hired again. 😉

If your life has come to the point where you’re asking this question in seriousness, you’re in the wrong job.


But there are many good ways to deal with arrogant boss or at the time you are un-happy.

we are sharing some ecards related to above topic and you can make your office day light and cool.

The boss isn’t worth a rat’s ass!

My master is a real cretin, but he was not born on the island of Crete, if you know what I mean.

Would you mind kissing my ass, old cuckold?

Pro: Allows you to vent your feelings without getting dressed or leaving your house.

Con: Risk that you will spend the next few months in your house without a paycheck, still wearing the same pajamas.

Here are some ways you can deal with an abusive boss.

Dear lord, Please keep me from slapping stupid out of my coworker.

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