Gifts For Female Boss

These gifts are guaranteed to make your female boss smile and you will be noticed by your Boss.
We’ve got some ideas for gifts that are classy, affordable, and have just enough sentiment to make your boss smile — without freaking them out and of course these are Practical and Thoughtful.

1. Personalized pencils

Personalized Pencil gift for female boss
Personalized Pencil. Price: $9 for a set of five

2. Chocolate / Gourmet Gift Basket

Gourmet Gift Baskets for Co-workers, Colleagues and Boss
Gift Basket / Junk Food Bucket. Starting Price $24.99 – $100. Available in various range.

3. Amazing Boss Print

Typographic Art Print
Perfect for a Boss as a thank you, end of term, or retirement gift great also for co-workers or classroom helpers. comes in 4 sizes.
Price: $5
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