Workplace sayings quotes – keep the workplace stress to a minimum

Bosses are like nappies. Full of shit and always hanging around your ass.

I wish you were my boss…I know I’d enjoy the sexual harrassment. Happy Boss’s Day, anyway.

It’s my joke and it’s only funny if I tell it.

Yes sir…..I’m filing it under the ‘I don’t give a shit’ section as we speak!!

Sir, I’ve grown to like you as a boss because I know the guy who succeeds you may be much worse.

Your disgusting personality is the reason I have to pop pills at work. Happy Boss’s Day, you wretched bag.

What you need is a foot up your ass! That might just jump start your slothful, lazy and half ass work ethic.

I tried doing this to my boss today because he fired me. For some reason, it didn’t work.


Boss is double S-O-B spelled backwards!

Juicing…. Like a Boss, Drunk….. Like a Boss

Just because you don’t get it, it doesn’t mean it’s stupid. It means you are.

You shouldn’t run a sweat-shop if you’re your only employee.

You’re the first boss I haven’t wanted to push down a flight of stairs.

If you were a pimp, I’d be your most loyal and productive prostitute.

An intelligent man is sometimes forced to be drunk to spend time with his fools.

Happy Boss day to someone who doesn’t know what the fuck they are doing.

this boss day, i would like to say thank you for the job that gives me health insurance that covers my anxiety medication that i need to take because of this job.

Today we will pretend to give you the respect you think you deserve. Happy Boss’s Day.

I would have been able to afford a gift for Boss’s Day, but you opted not to give me a raise this year.

You’re fired. Clean out your office.

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